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2024  Skylight Gallery, 147th, Annual Black and White Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY.

2023  Mills Pond Gallery,  New York, NY.

2023  SCNY: Open New York Figurative Exhibition, New York, NY


2023  Skylight Gallery, 2nd Annual Hartley Invitational Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY

2023  Skylight Gallery, 146th, Annual Black and White Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY.  won Don Donaldson            Memorial Award

2023  Tangent Gallery,  "Creations" ,  Detroit, Michigan

2022  Felix Gallery,  "Nude Form" ,   Houston, Texas

2022  Tangent Gallery,  "Figurative" ,  Detroit, Michigan

2022  Mills Pond Gallery, New York, NY

2021   "32nd National Drawing & Print Exhibition" at Gormley Gallery.  Notre Dame of Maryland University Baltimore Maryland

2021 "Parallels and Peripheries" curator Larry Ossei-Mensah and assistant curator Robyn Gibson  New York, NY.


2021  15th International ARC Salon Competition.

2020  33 Contemporary Gallery, "Ardent Olders" curated by Jennifer Seale  in Chicago, Illinois

2019  Zhou B. Art Center, "Painting The Figure Now" curated by Didi Menendez, of Poets & Artists, Chicago , Illinois

2019  Daughtrey Gallery, Sage Center For The Arts, Hillsdale College "Argentum: Silverpoint Drawing Exhibit," Hillsdale, MI.

2019  Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia,  Italy

2018  Lore Degenstein Gallery, Tenth Annual Figurative Drawing & Painting Exhibition,  PA


2018  Colorado Christian University, "Being Human" Lakewood, CO


2018  Daniel Cooney Gallery, "Silk Road" NYC

2017  Highline Stages Gallery."Single Fare 4,"  NYC

2017  Lore Degenstein Gallery, Ninth Annual Figurative Drawing & Painting Exhibition,  PA

2017  Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia,  Italy

2017  Masur Museum of Art,  "54th Annual Juried Exhibition" Monroe, LA

2017  Marbury Gallery , "Argentum: Silverpoint Drawing Exhibition,"  New York, NY.

2016  Lore Degenstein Gallery, Eighth Annual Figurative Drawing & Painting Exhibition,  PA


2016  Flux Factory, "Picturing the Unprintable"  Queens, NY

2016  Tangent Gallery,  "Corpus Illuminata",  Detroit, Michigan


2015 Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia,  Italy   (work on display in museum permanent collection)


2015 Tangent Gallery, Detroit Michigan


2015  Machorro Gallery, Houston, TX


2014 Tangent Gallery, Detroit Michigan


2014 Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa Florida


2014  Mac 650 Gallery,  CT


2014 New York Academy of Art, Tribeca Ball,    New York, NY


2014 Decorus Atelier of Figurative Art, New York, NY


2013 Tampa Museum of Art,  Tampa, FL


2013 Six Summit Gallery, "Reality and Metaphor" ( juried by Steven Assael ) ,  Ivoryton, CT


​2013 Greenpoint Gallery, "Two Person Exhibition"  Brooklyn, NY'


2013 Tangent Gallery, "Corpus Illuminata III"  Detroit, MI


2013 Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


2013 RH Gallery, New York, NY

2012 Stage Gallery, New York, NY

2012 Curve Gallery,  New York , NY

2012 Port Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2011  Kyoto City Museum, Kyoto Japan

2010  Wilkenson Gallery NYAA, "XXX" New York City, NY

2010  Silpe Gallery,  Hartford, CT.

2010  International Art Center Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2010  Port Art Gallery, solo exhibition, Melbourne, Australia                                                                                           

2009 Bealiba Town Hall Gallery,  solo exhibition ,Bealiba, Australia

2009 Historic Maryborough Station Building, solo exhibition Maryborough, Australia

2009  World Art Expo ,  Los Angeles, CA

2008 The Peninsula Museum of Art, “ Beaux & Eros”, Belmont, CA

2008 The Hans Payan Art Gallery, solo exhibition,  Houston, Texas

2008 Silpe Gallery, Hartford, CT.

2008 “Phases of Life Drawings" solo exhibition, Miami FL.

2008 The Silpe Gallery, HAS Hartford ,CT.

2007  Museum of Contemporary Art, “Heads or Tails”, Washington, D.C.

2007 Lynn House Art Gallery, solo exhibition, Antioch , CA

2007 The Lynn House Art Gallery,  plein air event /exhibit, Antioch , CA

2007 The Joseloff Art Gallery,  Hartford, C  T.

2006  John Pence Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

2005 Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy (located in  the historic Fortezza da Basso)

2005  The Peter Jones Gallery,  “Nude Now”,Chicago, Illinois

2005  Brainwash ,  Solo exhibition, San Francisco ,  CA

2004 The  Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA

2004  The Art Gallery of Kingwood, Houston, TX

2004  Sutter  Gallery,  San Francisco, CA.

2003 The  Stage Gallery, New York, NY.

2003 The Art Gallery of Kingwood, Houston,TX

2002 Machorro Gallery, Houston, TX

2000 The Lawrence and Josephine C. Wilkinson Hall, New York, NY

2000 Grand Gallery,  National Arts Club, “A Century of Design”, Art and Craft, New York, NY.     

2000 Ward-Nasse Gallery, “Rights of Spring”, New York,  NY.

2000 The Gallery of Distinctive Art, “Realism for the New Millennium”, Houston, TX

2000 St. Mathews Gallery, Invitational, Newark , NJ

1998 The Taub  Hall Gallery, “Individual Visions”, Hartford ,CT

1997 University of  Georgia Lamar, Dodd Gallery       

1997 The Gallery of  Distinctive Art, Recent Paintings, Houston, TX

1997 Joseloff Gallery, Goldfarb Exhibit, Hartford, CT

1996 The Blaffer Gallery, Art Museum of  the University of Houston, Houston, TX

1996 La Galleria Casa di Riposo, “Recent  Works: Disegni, Dipinti, Sculture”, Central Tuscany, Italy

1995 Loughborough College of Art, Experimental Work, London, England



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