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 Decorus Atelier of Figurative Art​
















                                                       Decorus Atelier of Figurative Art 
                                                                    History and Mission Statement


The Decorus Atelier of Figurative Art located in New York City in the heart of Brooklyn, New York was founded by fine artist James Xavier Barbour in order to provide high quality instructional workshops in classical realist atelier training in human anatomy, drawing, painting and sculpture for artists of all abilities who desire to study in the tradition of the old master's in  classical realism.

His belief is that this kind of training and classical tradition can ultimately serve as a gateway to the creation of powerful, monumental work, with stronger vision and originality.  Each class or  workshop is designed to advance the training of  painters and sculptors.  Lesson plans and educational strategies consider the unique strengths and weaknesses of each student and are adjusted accordingly to more effectively target the needs and goals of the individual artists in training. Classes are kept small in order to ensure the quality of individualized attention on each student. Private lessons are also available upon request.

The philosophy, which underlies the Decorus Atelier method of instruction, is based on a strong belief that through dedication, self discipline, consistent practice, and a strong education, there is no great idea or inspiration that cannot be conceived and materialized by an individual artist.

Students will receive advanced level training through guest artist workshops hosted at Decorus Atelier, from world class master artists of varied international and professional backgrounds who share a common passion for classical traditions and techniques of the Old Masters and direct study from life or nature as the key to unlocking the true creativity and power of the individual artist.

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